Grow your business and make connections with new Graphics Companies

The WRKFLO app for Installers is totally FREE to download so you can start using it immediately.
Why is it FREE ? Because on registration you will be entered on to our nationwide database of Installers, which is good for the Graphics Companies using the system. By adding your skills, qualifications and location to WRKFLO, you can easily be found by Graphics Companies if you match the criteria they are looking for, so you get more work and increase your income.
Why not give it a try, what do you have to lose !
Graphics Installers
The must-have app to help grow your business and become more organised.
WRKFLO gives you all this in one place:
  • All the information you need, direct from the Graphics Company to your app for every installation, including layouts, job files and R.A.M.S.
  • You decide what jobs you accept, no one can see your other commitments or availability
  • Set your own rates with each Graphics Company (we do not take any commission).
  • Upgrade to the Invoicing module with all the info added directly from the job to your invoice and calculated with your own rates. You just need to edit if required and send
  • Add your own jobs or events to the organiser to keep everything in one place
  • Become a 'Profiled' Installer, and create your own webpage with a gallery of your work

Can you afford not to be on the WRKFLO Installer database?



Once your account is verified, we will send you an email with the links to get the App,
or alternatively you can visit your App store using the links below,
download the App and register directly through the App:


If you are an Installation Company, ie you are more than one individual supplying Installation services to other
Graphics Companies, and you have a manager who supplies job info to either your own In-House Installers
or Freelance Installers, you will need to subscribe to the software to get the full functionality the system offers
including search and find new Installers. The features are shown in more detail via the Graphics Company pages.
Each of your Installers will also need to download the free app in order to receive the info you upload to the system.
Graphics Installers

After your free trial the software is available on a Pay As You Go basis. No contracts, no time limits.

See the pricing matrix HERE.

Start your free trial with any 2 of your existing installers today.


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