Find, Manage & Communicate better with your existing and new Installers

The WRKFLO desktop software for Graphics Companies will save you time, effort and cost. WRKFLO enables Graphics Companies to incorporate their existing Installers, search and find any new Installers, and then manage them all easily in real time with job information specific to each. You agree your rates independently with the Installers you work with (we do not take any commission).

After your free trial the software is available on a Pay As You Go basis.
No contracts, no time limits.

See the pricing matrix HERE

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The must-have software for streamlining your Installations and maximising your efficiency,
WRKFLO gives you all this in one place:

  • A database of installers listing their location, skills, qualifications and an industry rating from the Graphics Companies that have used them before. There is unlimited access to the search feature.
  • Book your Installers via a request and confirmation process. Requests can be sent out to as many Installers at one time as you require.
  • Job management in real time; including built-in messaging, R.A.M.S., upload files and layouts, all viewable by the Installer on their app.
  • Photos, notes and client sign-off uploaded by the Installers from their app.
  • Create multi-site jobs for a national campaign quickly and manage them all easily.
  • Share access and management functions for each job with selected colleagues.
  • Week to View diary enabling you to see all your jobs at-a-glance in a weekly format, and from there you can access all the relevant job information.

Can you afford not to have the WRKFLO management software and access to the Installer database?

Start your free trial with any 2 of your existing Installers today


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